Petralana Foundation – support for young talents

PETRALANA Foundation was established to support and help particularly gifted young residents of Bytom, mainly those who are talented in sports. However, the support declared by the Foundation will also cover health-promoting activities, education, mobilisation and charity. We also plan to care for people in difficult financial or life situations.

The Foundation originated as an effect of observing a great number of problems Bytom residents need to cope with. The city has felt the negative impact of transformation and brutal departure from economic mono-culture based on mining. Today, when a company like PETRALANA is created – focused on innovation and state-of-the-art engineering solutions – the battered by the fate district of Bobrek obtains a modern factory and a considerable chance that the condition and image of Bytom will change in future.

However, at the present moment Bytom residents need real support in order to ensure equal development opportunities in a broad meaning of that word. PETRALANA Foundation is a response to those expectations. It is a completely separate form of activity of the Petralana factory owners who created the Foundation. The company fully based on Polish capital wishes to meet the challenge of corporate social responsibility through the activities of the Foundation.

PETRALANA Foundation is going to support mainly young people because they present enormous potential of will and talent. We only need to bring that into light and let them develop such that in future the young generation of Bytom residents becomes an element of the city brand and its new, fresh face.



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