Petralana is the General Partner of the Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad | 01.03.2024

In a breakthrough moment for technical education in Poland, Petralana is proud to announce its partnership as the General Sponsor of the Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad. In the presence of Artur Wasil, president of the company's management board, and prof. Dr. hab. engineer Robert Zalewski, vice-rector for student affairs of the Warsaw University of Technology, a cooperation agreement was signed. This historic step strengthens the links between industry and academia, promoting the development and advancement of future leaders of the construction industry in Poland. The Warsaw University of Technology, which is the oldest and largest technical university in the country, is an ideal place to shape future engineers and technicians. It is here, in an environment full of innovation and tradition, that the Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad finds its strong foundations.

The district stage of this prestigious competition will take place this Saturday. The State Construction Schools - School Complex in Bytom, with which Petralana has had the pleasure of cooperating for many years, are particularly close to our hearts. Our support and commitment to the development of young talents is an expression of our deep belief in the value of education and practical training.

Petralana is proud to contribute to the development of young people and support initiatives such as the Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad. We believe that this partnership will bring long-term benefits for all parties involved and for the future of the Polish construction sector.

We would like to congratulate all participants of the Olympics for their achievements so far and wish them good luck in the upcoming competitions. We especially keep our fingers crossed for the representatives from the city of Bytom, who always show exceptional determination and passion.

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