The city of Bytom benefits from heavy and mining industry. There used to be 11 mines and 2 ironworks in the past. The economic transformation of the last several dozen years resulted in job cuts. Nowadays there is only ethos that reminds us of the past jobs.

However there is a great opportunity for the city to save the heritage. The district renovation project is being implemented and its budged is around 1 billion zlotys. With the support of the Ministry of Development model solutions are to be introduced. The revitalization committee, established by the mayor of the city of Bytom, will serve the opinion and advisory function. The representative of the economic sector is Radosław Tumielewicz –the chairman of the PETRALANA SA. board.

Socially minded projects have always been an important area of our activity. Today we can add to the above and say with pride that the city gave us credit for the knowledge and experience of our company management.

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